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My long term relationship with the 1957 Chevy started in 1965 when I was 16 years old. I was in high school and worked part time in a gas station because of my interest in cars in general. My uncle lived a few doors away and decided it was time to trade in his silver 57 Belair 2 door sedan with a 6 cylinder engine, automatic and cloth interior. He came back from the local Chevy dealer and told my Dad that the trade in value of theSlideshow image car was $75 and asked my Dad if he thought it would be a good idea for me to buy it. My Dad and I discussed the purchase with strict limitations on use of the car as I didn't have a drivers license. After several months of tinkering on the car in my Dad's driveway, I had saved enough money to go to a local junkyard and purchase a V-8 engine out of a wrecked Corvette. My friend Bill and I did the engine swap with some borrowed tools and a block and tackle my Dad used for work. Several months later I sold the car and went on to my next car which was a 56 Olds Starfire convertible that weighed in at over 5000 lbs. I drove the Olds during my senior of high school and was ready to move on to my second 57 Chevy. The year was 1968 and this one was a black convertible with a V-8, a 3 speed on the floor and a 62 Impala interior. My wife and I had one of our first dates in this car and over the years I always wanted to own another 57. When convertibles could be had for about 10 grand in the eighties, I was busy raising a family and saving for my retirement and my kids college funds. About a year ago, my wife and I started receiving our social security checks so the decision was made to pursue the purchase of another 57 convertible. After looking at some pretty disappointing examples we found this 2 four barrel car and decided this would be it. The car has undergone a frame off restoration in 1992 and won a gold award at Classic Chevy International a year later scoring 964 points in the "Trailer Restored" category. The owners of the car from 1993 until 2011 only put some 700 miles on the car as it was mostly trailered to car shows. (To be continued)